Friday, May 7, 2010

Eisenhower Autopen Signature Discovered

A new Dwight D. Eisenhower Autopen (machine) signed signature has been discovered by the noted expert of U.S. Presidential autographs, Andreas Wiemer who is based in Germany.

The signature has some similarities to other identified Eisenhower Autopen examples however this is not a variant. This new discovery matches other signed items by Eisenhower exactly. Up to this time, they were thought to be genuine.

Newly identified Eisenhower signature from a letter dated February 14, 1949

Same Eisenhower Autopen signature on a letter dated September 27, 1949

The above signed document is considered one of the most 100 important historical documents in U.S. History. Note : "Eisenhower Library" stamp. This document is also illustrated in "Our Documents-100 Milestone Documents from the National Archives" page 181.

Andreas Wiemer is a co-author with Stephen Koschal. Their popular book "Presidents of the United States, Autopen Guide" first, signed limited edition sold out quickly however some unsigned copies are available through the authors.

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